Terms of Service for Goy Ape NFT Web3 Platform

Welcome to Goy Ape, your gateway to the exciting world of NFTs on the Web3 blockchain. By using our platform, you agree to comply with the following Terms of Service:

1. User Account Responsibility To access Goy Ape, users must create an account with accurate information. Safeguard your account details and take responsibility for all activities associated with it. Usage of the platform for lawful purposes is expected, and any actions that disrupt its functioning or violate the rights of others are prohibited.

2. NFT Transactions Goy Ape enables the listing, purchase, and sale of NFTs. When listing an NFT, you confirm your legal right to sell the associated digital content. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to research before making a purchase. Transactions are irreversible after confirmation on the blockchain. Goy Ape holds no liability for discrepancies, disputes, or buyer dissatisfaction.

3. Community Etiquette Goy Ape fosters a respectful and inclusive community. Users must refrain from abusive behavior, hate speech, or harassment. We reserve the right to suspend or remove accounts that breach these guidelines, ensuring a positive environment for all.

4. Privacy and Data Security Safeguarding user data is paramount. Our Privacy Policy outlines data collection, usage, and protection. Usage of Goy Ape implies consent to these practices.

5. Platform Changes and Interruptions Occasionally, we may need to update or maintain the platform, leading to temporary service disruption. While we aim to inform users of planned downtimes, unforeseen technical issues might occur.

6. Warranty Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability Goy Ape is provided “as is,” without warranties of any kind. We do not guarantee platform accuracy or reliability. Users assume all risks, holding Goy Ape blameless for losses, damages, or legal repercussions resulting from platform usage.